Grad School Project - Semester 1 - PBL and Global Competence

I can see the finish line ahead of me... if you have been wondering why I have been "light on the posts", it's because I have been working hard to get through my first semester as a Masters Student.  Wasn't I supposed to take a year off to pursue this goal?  Oh well...

I must say, that I have enjoyed being a student thus far.  From Self Efficacy to Motivation and everything in between I have been able to reflect on the work I am doing and able to consider how it applies to educational leadership.  It's been quite a journey.  Who knew I would need to re-learn MLA format? 

My major project for the semester was entitled,  How does the use of Project Based Learning (PBL) as a teaching method enhance students’ global competencies?  If you'd like to see what I have been up to check it out here.