Celebrating and Reflecting -2017 Kiva Kids

What reflective boys we have! We might not have had enough hours in the day to fully prepare for our Kiva Celebration and the boys were fairly bummed that they had left a few things out of their presentations, spoke to the floor or wall more than to the community and some even said I could have rehearsed a bit more on my own.  But when I asked what they wanted to do about it, they suggested that they take our final two math periods to fix their slides and make them "A" quality work.  

We are often harder on ourselves than others are on us.  That said, I too made a mistake by leaving one students videos out of our final collection.  I guess June can get crazy around here and we all need to reflect on how we can do things just a bit better next time. 

Enjoy the presentations from this years Annual Celebration. Enjoy our updated video. Enjoy looking through the Tackk's that show reflections from the experience too!

Kiva Celebration 2017


Bouncy Ballers


Balloon a Palooza

Prestige Worldwide

SCZ Inc.

WEZ Putty

Raffle Castle




Anderson Kiva Kids Reflection https://tackk.com/6z3jlu

George The Long and Winding Rode https://tackk.com/d4gyvm

Jack Raffle Castle Makes History! https://tackk.com/huxk2f

Vivek lhttps://tackk.com/k0xmx9

Thomas' Experience in The Bouncy Ballers https://tackk.com/44v6jh

Peter Stovellhttps://tackk.com/u8xgnm

Pearce https://tackk.com/zd1xlv

Rob RRJL is in business!https://tackk.com/25g2yp

Theo Winning with prestige worldwide https://tackk.com/auev4z

Zachary M Zachary's kiva tales https://tackk.com/egpy20

Zachary L Kiva Kids at Town School https://tackk.com/ehftua

Callen Kiva Kids at Town School for Boyshttps://tackk.com/vpmnny

Ryan Prestige over comes some Worldwide problems https://tackk.com/xgfhl4

Sean Kiva and More https://tackk.com/ke8v82

Liam RRJL avoids micro finance crisis https://tackk.com/jv45yd

EliThe Kiva Tales https://tackk.com/hx0kkc

Wynant All About Kiva Kids https://tackk.com/vn7yuq

Alex The Kiva Experience https://tackk.com/9dec9a

Stephen Balloon-A-Palooza is "Blowing Up!"https://tackk.com/77ea0y

WilliamBalloon-A-Palooza is Unpopable! Well, Sort of. https://tackk.com/b2t0vy

RomanRRJL'S Next Task https://tackk.com/dkbdjs

Nicholas (Nico)Kiva Kids https://tackk.com/xgd87z

JacksonScheer https://tackk.com/ec54dc

Thomas The Chronicles of the Raffle Castlehttps://tackk.com/h1km40

NoahBalloon a Palooza coming out of thin air https://tackk.com/eb1xwg

HaydenThe Journey https://tackk.com/feeblb