Walk for Water: Town School for Boys Commit to 3 Miles

Do you recall how the 7th grade math class used the United Nations Millennium Goals to study, histograms, graphs and stem and leaf plots and box and whisker plots?  Yes, it was December and January and the boys developed interest and empathy for the world they share with so many others.  And while demanding course work, the dreadful SSAT's and outdoor education trips crowded our schedule, the boys never lost site of what they wanted to accomplish here at Town School.  A WALK FOR WATER.  

While it's been a few weeks since we planned and participated in our walk, I wanted to share what the boys pulled off.  For a week before we cruised down to the Marina Campus and after their final exam the boys split off into 4 groups.  Logistics, Fundraising, NGO Search, and Education.  So what did we come up?

Logistics-The boys decided that the 1.5 mile walk from the Exploratorium to the Warming Hut and back would be the route (3 miles total).  All the 6th and 7th graders would join us on the walk.  6th graders were welcome to sell their new Town water bottles filled with lemonade before the walk and 6th and 7th graders were encouraged to walk with signs or pamphlets to help raise awareness to both global access to water AND the current drought in California.

Fundraising-The boys decided on a penny drive.  84,480 pennies or $848 dollars was their initial goal.  While working drop off for 3 mornings the boys quickly discovered that they were willing to take any coins or dollars they could.  In the end the boys raised $400.  Given the time frame and constraints they were proud. Even if they fell short of their goal:)

NGO search-The boys decided to donate the money from their fundraising effort to The Water Project.  After carefully looking at many organizations the boys felt that the mission of this organization was most closely in line with the mission of our project.  The boys also like that they can track their dollars with this company and they look forward to hearing updates in the future.

Education-Lastly it was the job of the education group to gather sites and information to share with the 6th and 7th graders so that they could be reflective on their walk and in their creation of posters.  Together we came up with this presentation to share with the other classes.