Mi Madre, Mi Padre y Mi Hermana de Otro Señor. Mi Hogar Lejos del Hogar.

My Mother (Olga), My Father (Barney) and My Sista' from Another Mista' (Yeii). My Home Away from Home.

Our arrival at our homestay was an immediate relief.  Nervous about the experience, lack of language, our privacy and personal spacem we were comforted at first sight.  Olga, Barney and Yeii have a beautiful home physically and we soon discovered the generosity and love that filled the space.

I was in awe by the construction and design of the living space at Loma Tranquilla.  Barney used many reusable materials from his land to create accents throughout.  Every detail was conscious and beautiful.  The kitchen table where we would later sit, eat, talk and play for hours rivalled my own in size (ok, it's bigger), and served the same purpose. It was a gathering place to exchange adventures from the day over wonderful homecooked meals.  

The dinining table wasn't the only space that reminded me of my home in San Francisco.  The hammock that hung in the corner soon became a favorite of mine as well.  I read, journaled, reflected with Kristen and cat watched from it often.  Nothing like "hanging out" in the afternoons.

Impromptu language lessons, Olga's competive card games, pre meal conversations with Barney and intro activities with Yeii, the cat stick, and la cucaracha are a short list of some of the highlights of my time here.  Loma Tranquilla, it's natural beauty and it's people, will forever be a part of my heart.  I hope that I can return someday in the near future, but until then I have sweet memories of my time.  The best of them are never caught on film.  But please enjoy what I have.  

"And I was beginning to think home might be with you"-Ben Sherwood

Click Here: imovie of our "home"