Sucker for Punishment-Sucker for PBL! (Welcome 7th Grade)

3 Grade Levels-3 PBL's-What Was I Thinking???

For those of you that read my posts, you may have been wondering if PBL occurs in my two other classes. Well, they do.  And currently, they do all at the same time. I got home on Monday night exhausted from my day of PBL'ing. 5 classes, 3 three driving questions.  

Last Friday, I launched a PBL project with my 7th graders. 

As you prepare to interview for the position of school caterer at an all boys boarding school, how would you make your student’s happy and healthy on a daily basis?  

I created this driving question to assist the boys from last years 7th grade class to see that creating a kid friendly, healthy meal is harder than they think. This year's groups are up and running and they are coming up with some great stuff.  We spent Friday and Monday investigating our need to knows and coming together to discuss the components of our diet that would be important to consider.  

On Tuesday, the boys had a chance to announce their catering company and make their first introduction via Edmodo.  They have been told that it is important to be professional and that their introduction on Edmodo would be shared with the entire "hiring" committee.

The 5 groups names are:  

Gunner and Henri are S&C Catering Company (Sharing and Caring).  Our logo is two hands reaching out to eachother meaning that we are sharing our resources with kids and caring for the needs of their daily lives.  

Caleb and Kif have started a company called Strawberry Tree. We believe that we should serve healthy but delicious food.  We will also serve a vegetarian option for every meal.  There will also be slips of paper to say whether you like the meal or not after you eat the new stuff.

We are a delicious catering company that takes pride in creating the perfect balance between fat, protein, sodium, carbs and fibers. Our food is the highest quality and every ounce of our effort goes into making a tasty but healthy meal.  -Duncan and Jack

Hello. My name is Kevin and I work with Westley.  We are professional chefs.  We have a company called Kitten Food Catering, or KFC.  We make great food for kids that is healthy but also delicious.  We believe that food should be natural and hearty to provide nutriotion for hte active lives children.  Kitten Food Catering maintains the highest quality of food of all competitors.  Our food has great taste, best quality, and supreme nutrition.  When choosing a catering company for your school, KFC is your best choice. 

The boys are working hard and getting it done. I am excited to see their creativity, ability to estimate,calculate percents and in time I may throw another wrench in it too!  They are working on presenting themselves in a professional manner both in their oral and written work. Life skills and math skills working together.