Are You Ready to Take the Plunge-Join the 1 million Alongside Town School


During the past two weeks, the boys have been busy creating advertisements for  This was a PBL that began with, "As employees of Goggin Advertising how can we best represent Kiva and convince new and existing customers to loan to particular geographic areas."  Unlike last year, a few groups decided to do print ads as well.  I made it my priority to focus on feedback and revision (1 of 8 essential elements) which worked wonders for some of the groups.  You will see an example of this below.  

Overall it was a successful journey through PBL with a new class of boys.  While we adapt to projects at our school, I think I had forgotten about how much the boys grow in one year. While I know that the boys don't know the particular rules of our classroom, expectations etc... I think I forgot that the level of inquiry, urgency and motivation to move swiftly through things and more also needs to develop alongside new teachers and their expectations.  

As I prepare for a weekend at Kiva with motivated educators, high school and university students all dedicated to using micro finance in their classrooms I smile.  I hope that these ads make you smile too, and why not make a loan?  #KivaU Summit.  Let's Rock it!  


Middle East Kiva Sami and Holden

South America Tom, Kyle and Ben

Kiva Zip Pierce Thompson Benjamin Grant Carson Levit

Central America Henry Connor

Check out the Revisions to the left!