When I was 10 I wanted a pony. These boys want a GOAT!

As we prepare for the final part of our global poverty unit, Pi Day for purpose, the 5th graders traveled down to the 1st grade classroom for a reading of Beatrice's Goat.  They sat on the carpet and listened to every word that Ms. Zimmer read to them.  And in the end, we had a whip share.   

The boys were thoughtful, empathetic, and intrigued. "Can we really buy a goat?" they asked still deep in wonder. They didn't doubt the impact of a single animal but rather wanted to be involved in the process in some way.  A goat on the way?  I think so...

We invited a few administrators in for the reading, their thoughts are below:  

I was speechless when I heard the fifth grade express their thoughts.  The level of understanding and empathy was unbelievable. They had an understanding that went beyond the book and they were able to express it in a way that the first grade could understand.  They are truly role models for the younger boys.  I was most impressed by their empathy.  They are making a giant leap in your class in learning to be world citizens and coming together as a community.  It is becoming obvious that they will leave Town with a sense of being a part of the world and with the desire to make the world a more equitable place.  They are going to be able to come up with ideas for equity, not just talk.  I was watching the first grade boys listening intently not only to the story, but also to what the fifth grade was saying.  I was deeply moved by what I saw today. -Rae

I observed a group of boys make a paradigm shift in stepping out of their world as they know it, and into the life of a young girl whose whole life depended on a goat. I heard empathy instead of pity, wonder instead of worry as to how this goat made such a profound impact. I saw the fifth grade students make connections from a previous math lesson and the 1st graders who were just as eager to formulate their own. I see a world in which our boys with guidance, support and exposure to different cultural backgrounds will help foster a sense of community and cultural competency in the years to come. I was and I am inspired.- Flora

Want to see the story on 60 minutes?  Considering a goat?  

Some 5th Grade Tweets:

  • I was happy that her friend as next to get a goat. #happy
  •  Beatrice is so lucky to have a goat #money
  • Girl Gets Chance Of A Lifetime With Help Of Goat
  • Amazed that goat can change persons life#amazed
  • I loved the love she had for her goat. #Loveanimals
  • I love how she wanted to still help here mom! #lovingmoms