Let's Dance!

It's been an exciting week in the garage as we wait for word problems from across the globe to arrive, work through essential questions and annual reports and skype call with some new friends.  Despite having to be flexible through a failed skype call with Uganda and not receiving word problems from other classrooms the boys remained positive.  Wednesday was a highlight in many ways.  Who would have thought "dance" would be the word of the day in math class?  

Knowing that the boys were disappointed that they had not yet received any word problems from other schools, Jennifer Klein (Global Education Consultant with World Leadership School) and I worked together to create a few word problems from places she considers home.  Colorado and Peru.  The powerful part of this meeting for me was that I was learning about the world through these problems.  I was experiencing what the students were soon to experience themselves as we discovered statistics and used 360 cities to put ourselves in the locations.  

I didn't know that Denver had a controversial 6 story sculpture called "The Dancers", did you?  25 tons and continuously playing music composed by the artist called "Let's Dance"?  Visit it here.  Perhaps it is there to inspire Colorado to dance? I also didn't know about the 12 angled stone in Cusco, Peru either.  Visit it here.  The boys began working through their new problems and learning about the world.  They are still waiting to hear from others.  

Do you or your class have even one problem to share?  Let us know!

The fun didn't end there.  6th grade had recess/lunch skype call with the Kiva Ninja's planned.  Diana Williams and her 3rd graders ROCK!  We introduced ourselves to their class, told them about how we use Kiva in our class, and informed them of the loans we made.   We also had an opportunity to ask and answer questions.  Every 6th grader gave up recess for this opportunity.  If Kiva can compete with recess we are definitely on to something.  

Diana's class sat quietly in their chairs as they participated in the conversation.  But towards the end their was one moment when the children started doing their Kiva Ninja moves.  What it led to?  6th graders at Town Dancing too.  The moment was priceless.  Dancing can bring people together and break down cultural barriers.  Smile, laugh and forget what's different about us?  We could all dance a little more often don't you think?  

People dance because dance can change things. One move, can bring people together. One move, can make you believe like there's something more. One move, can set a whole generation free. -Adam G. Sevani

As we reflect on our skype call the boys commented in the following ways:  

I was surprised...

  • at how good their questions were. 
  • at how interested they were in Kiva at such a young age. 
  • at their knowledge of Kiva and lending requirements.
  • that they can only have 1 or 2 bake sales a year.  
  • by their knowledge about poverty.  

I would still like to know...

  • what their net/gross profit is?
  • any struggles they have gone through?
  • what your business strategy is and why you chose this path?
  • how you feel about Kiva?
  • will you continue this project in 4th grade?

We are looking forward to making more connections with both projects in the weeks to come.  Join us!