From One Borrower to Another...

I sat down with the boys and asked, "If you could ask one of the people you loaned to this year any question you want, what would you ask?"  I was hoping this would lead to thoughtful questions.  Questions that they consider asking of themselves in the weeks ahead as they plan their quarter 4 components to the "Kiva Project".  And you know what?  It did. Here goes...

How has Kiva influenced your life the most?

Was your business a lot better after your loan?  What did your loan truly enable you do to do?

Were you scared that you wouldn't be able to maintain or start your business before your loan?  

How did the loan improve your life?  What was it's impact on your daily life?

Any mistakes you wish you could redo?

How did you find Kiva and Microfinancing?

How did you feel when you were able to repay your loan?

If you could change anything about the kiva lending process what would it be?

How did you feel when you got your loan?

What is the net and gross profit of your business?

What % has your business grown since the loan?

Will you apply for another loan? For what specifically?

What are you future goals?  

What is your job like? How many hours a week are you working?

Would you recommend kiva wholeheartedly to others in your community?

Do other members of your community use kiva or micro-lending?

What is your relationship with your field partner like?

How did it feel to have to ask for a loan?

If you become successful enough, how will you give back to others in the world?  

The boys are busy asking the lenders in our community what they want to know about their year long micro lending experience.  Stay tuned...we have Annual Reports, Essential Questions with Action Projects and Presentations in our future.  One month and a whole lot to be done!  

It’s not just a simulation, it’s not just textbook work, it is real life scenarios and it’s teaching us math involved in the real world. We are also loaning to people across the world and helping them start a business and we are actually making a difference!” -Henry Class of 2015