Busy Times Learning with Kiva

Excitement Abounds! The boys have spent the last few weeks getting to know Kiva.org a little bit better, answering the question, "How can we model micro financing in our own community?" and putting their intentions into action.  

The brainstorm went exceptionally well as the boys first identified the different components of micro lending (using the model of Kiva.org), and then identified all possible people or groups of people who could play that role in our simulation.  After much conversation and problem solving the boys came to a conclusion.  Check it out in our image below!

After coming up with our plans, we spent a lot of time brainstorming and working through what it would take to be a small business owner in our community. The boys worked through math lessons on interest, percent of number as it applies to taxes and unit rates before applying these concepts to their loan applications.  After their loan applications were submitted and approved, they continued to work on their business plans with the help of Humanities class.  Before we knew it were live on our very own Kiva Kids Town School Website.  

Currently, the boys are anxiously awaiting funding, writing thank you notes and learning to create spreadsheets that will ultimately keep them organized business owners.  Emotions range from excitement to nervousness to disbelief and of course a whole lot more.  Exactly the way I like it!    

Thanks to my wonderful colleagues for yet again supporting this endeavor.  We couldn't do it with out you!