Back to School Night - Year 17

Despite some major technology issues that made me a little frantic going into Back to School Night, I feel that I was able to provide the right information to my parents and be able to send them away with information to support what's happening in my classroom.  Next year, I would love to share this Blendspace (likely revised in some way shape or form) so that the parents can look over it beforehand and I can provide more time for their questions.  

As I continue to transform my classroom using blended learning techniques while integrating global education I find it important to be very transparent.  If we aren't moving with the times, we are falling way behind.  I am looking for balance in my classroom, a place where we can creatively learn math, not be overwhelmed with tech tools, learn about and engage with others from around the world and laugh and have fun .  We ARE back to school.  Feels good to be back!