Math and Kiva- This is how do we do it...

For those of you familiar with my class, we work closely with Kiva to create daily lessons on financial literacy and the math of running a business.  But in the end, math is everywhere.  I recently created two formal lessons that allow the boys to work with fraction, decimal, percent conversions, solving proportions and percent of number and the creation of circle graphs.  

Through these lessons we were not only able to check out facts on our school wide lending team, we were also able to begin to develop an understanding of how far our dollar goes in another country.  The boys were amazed as they learned the average annual salaries for countries around the globe. It was a great intro to the conversation, why are you holding onto dollars that could be lent?  Do you have enough product that you could depend on the sales for your next pay back and be one of the first groups to empower others?  

Check out the math worksheets we used to build the numbers that lead us to wonder, empathize and act.  

Annual Salaries, Loans and What it Means to Us

Percent of Number with Our Lending Team Infographic