A Visit From Kiva

The boys have officially begun their journey into microfinance here in the garage.  We have spent a few days learning what it means to be in the world of advertising and a few other days investigating "what is Kiva?" and "how do we sell it alongside learning statistics?.  We  have started to examine the question: How can we as members of Goggin Advertising create ads for Kiva tat convince new and existing lenders to make a loan to ______________?  

The boys are exploring this unit with the guiding questions:

How can we be better consumers of statistical representations?

How can we be better creators of statistical representation? 

In the early stages of their planning, I decided to incorporate a few people who could offer advice and information.  Ms. Stuart visited to talk to the boys about copyright and then we had a visit from Jessica Hansen at Kiva to answer some of their questions.  My favorite question?



What's your favorite part of working for Kiva?

"I believe in what they do.  I love that I work for a company that changed their mindset about working with people in poverty and focusses more on helping them help themselves." 





The boys are so thankful for Jessica's time. They wrote some messages to her.  

I think it was very helpful to get to talk to someone who works at Kiva. We all had a lot of questions and it was nice to have someone who could answer all of them. It was interesting to hear why they enjoyed working for Kiva. It was also interesting to hear that the micro-financing institutions get to choose whether or not they pay interest, and I wonder what percent do. - Eli

I thought that Jess coming was really cool because we got to talk to someone who works at Kiva which alone is amazing. She answered a whole Buch of questions and it was nice to fill up my mind with knowledge. I hope that she or someone else can come back. -Jackson

I thought Jess coming was very helpful, informative, and cool because I learned so much and I will more than definitely use that information when I make my ad. Jess was so nice to come to our school and inform us about Kiva and its impact on the world and answer our questions, and really saved us time on our ads as well as saving us a lot of research. One huge takeaway I had is that Kiva really impacts people's lives and the communities around them. After that lesson I'm even more psyched to be working with Kiva. - Nico

I thought a big take away from today was how kIva was like a family they now everyone there working with each other .i also thought another big part was that the Kira employees really have seen the success kivas makes and they believe in kiva with all there heart. I also liked having Jesse their and having some of my question answered.i also loved hearing about how kiva has supported many family's and have put there kids in a good education. - Theo

Stay tuned for more to come... it's going to be a great year!

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" -Lao Tzu