Kiva Advertisements 2016

Welcome to our Kiva Advertisement Viewing Post.  We will be utilizing the advertisements to launch a Thanksgiving lending party where each boy will be able to make a loan. Reflections of the party will be posted in the days to come.  This year, I allowed the boys to choose anywhere in the world (where works) that they wanted to investigate and here is what we came up with.  Enjoy the show!  (and feel free to vote as well - you can find the form here)





Sierra Leone



Costa Rica


Are you convinced?  The boys would love you to decide which one you think hit the criteria they determined best. Vote using this form.  1) Most knowledgeable 2) Most Convincing 3) Most personal and clear. 

  • Do you understand what is?
  • Is it personal?
  • Does it make you feel you can help?
  • Is it simple enough to understand?
  • Do you come out knowing you will likely get your money back?
  • Are the statistics/charts clear?