Sales, Reflection and Fun!

The garage is hopping! Sales have started and their is excitement in the building. Alongside the enthusiasm for making money in the hopes of changing lives, we have been reflecting on our experiences and considering how we are developing global competence through this project.  

As part of my professional growth project this year, I am having the boys use to write about their journey. When asked what they thought of this aspect of the project they offered the following:

  • A way to reflect and intentionally think about what we are doing.  
  • A place to go back to and relive our journey. 
  • Something to share with our parents and other friends.
  • An opportunity to see how our friends view the project and experience similarly and differently. 
  • Fascinating to see the multiple perspectives.

We have only gotten started on these blogs and if you have feedback or suggestions for posts please do offer them.  Also feel free to comment on the boy's tackks themselves.  They would love to hear from you.