Launching It's A Livable Life

Been spending the week setting the stage for a great math project and some hard core number crunching in the garage.  While I have been running the Minimum Wage Project for many years, I had reasons to delay the project this year and an internal struggle about how to make sure it includes some very intentional work with decimals and percents. I am excited about the direction it is going in just the few days we have engaged.  We began with an abbreviated version of the socioeconomic class simulation I created years back and currently diving into what it means to live a life of dignity.  While we will start by looking a life through min wage to create a "base" pay and assess cost of living, the boys will eventually look at housing costs as the driver of their monthly budget and utilize percents to come up with a proposed "livable wage" for our home in San Francisco and beyond!  


Day 1: Amenities Challenge and Hunger 101

Day 2:; Amenities Challenge Part 2

Day 3: Warm Up On Multiplying What does Min Wage Mean? and Min Wage Warm Up

Day 4: Finish Min Wage Warm Up and 4 Question Formative Assessment (Check in one Decimal Comps) 

Day 5: Driving Question, How do we ensure a livable wage?  (Define Living with Dignity)

Days 6: Begin baseline wage (min wage) computations.

Brainstorm "what's a livable life".

Brainstorm "what's a livable life".