Threshold... What does it all mean?

Sunday, August 20th.

It's been awhile since I posted in "Stories for the Garage?"  I have thought about writing quite often. I had few posts being written in my mind including titles such as:

  • Top Ten of Town
  • What Did the Garage Really do for My Career?
  • Saying Goodbye
  • From One Hill to the Next: They are Still Boys

Perhaps some of you don't know that I am in the transition. None of those titles did it for me and I let it ride.  For all intensive purposes I have had the summer off, and I have let myself be just that... OFF. .  For once, I have such little cultural knowledge of where I am going that I can't possibly imagine it and therefore I cannot really work.  Oh wait, I am also a graduate with a master's degree as of May 2017, no Thesis to write!!! This is obviously not a bad thing.

But I am inspired to say I am standing on a threshold. I believe something amazing is ahead, despite what I am leaving behind.  So the eve before new teacher orientation, I hit send.  Something soon will inspire me to write more. I will have will be more stories to tell. But for now, it's on to Cathedral, I will start searching for my marigolds!