Examples Anyone? I think we need some.

After sending the boys off to do research and find direction, I realized that the boys may actually need some examples for their project.  After great discussions on what they could graph, interesting comments on findings, and listening to them wonder about the direction of their own Kiva experience this year, I decided to find some examples to share with them tomorrow.  I found these all interesting and while none of them actually fits the criteria of my project, they all offer ideas that may help.  


A non actor commercial:  

Could we use our partnership alongside an "expert" to help?  

School project by older student: 


Print Ads.

Using people and locatoins: http://2outofthree.com/2012/03/kiva-print-design/

Using one person to help sell your area:  http://www.freelanced.com/freelancers/portfolio/slides.aspx?freelancerid=40757&sampleid=109180