The Brains Are Storming in a Variety of Ways

The boys are working hard in the garage!  Before leading the final, more traditional, brainstorming session I wanted to work with the boys on a variety of micro financing concepts and allow them time to process.  

The chalk talk on Day 2 provided the boys an opportunity to answer the questions:

What are some important characteristics of functioning business and/or business person?  

If you were given $25 to loan, what would be important to consider? 

If we had to create business plans to be approved by field partners, what would be important to consider?  

Grameen Bank-Discipline, Unity, Courage, Hardwork"  What principles should our trust group live by?  

You can can find pictures of our chalk talk brainstorm here:



After the chalk talk, the boys were placed into one of three brainstorming groups.  They used a mind map application to gather thoughts.  The groups were lender, borrower and field partners. I was impressed with their knowledge and ideas.  It is clear they have learned a lot about kiva and micro financing.  

You can find their mind maps here:



The last and final brainstorm of the week started with the Driving Question,

"How Can We Model Micro Financing in Our Own Community?"

The boys were extremely thoughtful and I am intrigued by what they came up with.  On the attached document you will find an outline of their thoughts alongside their initial less organized thought process.