A delayed but important response... Getting to know me "homework".

Back in December I received a "chain letter"  better described by her as "homework" from my friend and one of my favorite collaborators Diana Williams.  As the responses piled in, the assignment hung over me like a bad dream that I just couldn't shake.  How could I realistically accomplish this with all that was going on?  I am barely on twitter these days with all the other responsibilities I find myself boggled down with.  I will just let it go.  Just like everything else on my To Do List in the "B" Column.

So last night, as I am shutting down twitter and reading a blog post about followers.   It got me thinking.  Do the people who follow me know anything about me? I want to collaborate more deeply with my connections but can I if we only "hang out" at the surface?  So...I recalled this homework assignment from Diana.  And because I have more time on twitter this summer, and because I am growing my PLN and embracing new relationships I thought... perhaps I should share a little more about me?  Not the information on my linkedin, about.me or even my profile page on Stories from the Garage.  But how about the things that go beyond who I am as an educator and talk more about who I am as a person.  So I thought I would try it.  I realize that in keeping my social media "separate" but "equal" I may not be doing my part.  

Here goes Diana...

First things first, here are 11 Random Facts About Me:

1.  I am a die hard Boston Sports Fan. My first love is the Patriots because I can keep up with their schedule more effectively from San Francisco.  But I cried tears of happiness when the Red Sox won in 2004, I cried in on the way home from both Superbowl's that "we" lost to the Giants and I listen to Boston Sports Talk Radio on the way to work in the mornings. 

2.  I am very, physically active and athletically competitive.  However, I am always humbled by bike rides and yoga.  Jorts and flip flops on cruisers passing me on my road bike causes me anxiety and the instructor in yoga saying, "remember it's not competitive" never sits well for me.  I will get that pose next time, I will!

3. Other than working the dressing rooms at a department store in high school during Christmas time, I have never had a job that didn't fall into the working with kids and educating category. Swimming instructor, Sailing teacher, overnight counselor, outdoor trip leader... if I wasn't going to be underpaid and overstimulated the job clearly wasn't for me.  

4. 90% of the time my phone is on "silent".  However, I have the amazing ability to "sense" when someone is calling in.  Or I call them back:)

5.  I miss the seasons, but I don't miss living in the seasons.  I love that I always get a few weeks of New England summer every year.  Thanks to my awesome family for always hosting me.  Lobster, Red Sox, humid nights, sundresses and the beach.  

6. I am afraid of cats and snakes.  I can't even be in the same room with them.  

7.  I love to travel.  I love coming home.  I have been fortunate to travel a lot of places in this world, but their is nothing like that first night in your own bed.

8.  My favorite day of the year is that first Monday in June in when you don't have to go to school.  Second to that is the Tuesday.  No joke. I work hard and believe in the need for a break.

9. Is it ironic that the year I truly transformed my classroom globally I married a man with an EU passport?  

10.   I never thought of myself as a city girl. But there is something to be said for being able to walk wherever you need to go, and learning to live in only the space you “need”. I do prefer shopping in the suburbs with free parking.  

11.  I could not go back to a flip phone.  However, when I travel abroad their is something refreshing about being less connected.  


Questions for You:

1.  If you weren’t in education, what would you do instead?

I would be involved in professional sports.  Sportscaster? Sports photographer? NFL coach? Sports psychologist?  Perhaps I have been chillin' with the boys a little too much but seriously this is how I would want to spend my days.  

2.  Pencil or pen?

Very much depends.  Writing in my plan book?  Pencil.  Everything else? Generally pen.  But I am the kind of person that never has enough of them. I end up correcting in just about whatever I can find. Markers, crayons, colored pencils... etc.

3.  Last book you read?

Left Neglected.  I am also reading The Art of Coaching at the moment as part of some professional growth for the summer. 

4.  Guilty pleasure?

Microwave popcorn with spray butter and Lifetime Movies.  These are not necessarily together, but two of my faves. 

5.  Has tech made your life easier or harder?

For the most part easier, although I am sometimes stuck behind the screen inappropriately and my husband will begin questions with, "Without looking up on your phone" so we can still debate things.  He really needs to start asking driving questions that are "ungoogleable".

6.  If you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Get that masters degree.  Life is unpredictable.  

7.  What is your favorite blog to read?

Always inspired by the William Ferriter.  I just saw that he wrote a good one about value of people and not just content today!!!  Bill are we thinking the same today?

8.  Share something funny.

I sleep walk.  A lot.  I live out the dreams in my mind wandering my apartment, looking for people and things and talking the nonsense to anyone awake and willing to listen.  I have never done anything dangerous, but yes I have left my apartment and yes I have done it while traveling.  Laugh. I do:)

9.  Would you ever wear orange pants?

I have word pants.  Not sure if I would do it again.  Although I also heard people say how ugly birkenstocks are and I just read they are back in style and people are buying and wearing them!

10.  What is one thing you hope to do in the future?

Say I have travelled to 6/7 of the continents.  I am giving up on Antarctica.  I only have South America left:) 

11.  Favorite thing to do on a Friday night?

Leave my classroom by 5:30 with no work in my hands, hit happy hour and get to bed early.  


My twitter page is all about my professional learning network. It's the place I go to exchange ideas, discover new connections and learn more about the people and profession of education.  I am not going to tag folks on this "chain letter", write up a list of questions for you and pressure you to take some time to think about some of fun and quirky things that your list of followers might want to know . But, take this as encouragement to find a way to share something about yourself that will allow us to connect a little deeper. It will only enhance what we already have going.  Tweet me!