Summer of Me

Unlike past summers, I made a conscious decision to “slow” down this summer, take it easy, hang out in San Francisco and focus on me.  While I am not going to lie, it’s had its’ challenges, it’s been good for the soul.  Sure, I would love to be traveling the world, discovering new places and people, and growing professionally through those experiences.  However, I am embracing what I refer to as “Summer of Me”. 

I have rediscovered a few really great things in San Francisco, here are a few:

  • The Glen Park Canyon is really in my backyard and can be a great place of solace and a wonderful place to get my “outdoor on”.
  • Trying new recipes from scratch and experimenting with new ingredients is really fun.
  • My hammock is one of my favorite places in the world. 
  • Booking a spa appointment is hard.  Wondering, will it still be foggy that day? Will I be in the mood?  How much “me” time is it going to take up?
  • Laundry, a workout, trip to the grocery store and cooking dinner really can be accomplished between the hours of 3-7.  But trying to do all that in such a short period of time can cause stress.  Hold off on the laundry.  It will still be there tomorrow.
  • Twitter conversations with collaborators around the world are way more fun while sitting in my hammock. 

And while my colleagues and friends have asked in wonder, “really, you aren’t traveling this summer? No professional growth either?”  In the back of my mind I must recall:

  • I took a trip to Boston for 2 weeks where I enjoyed good summer sunshine, trips to the beach, World Cup Soccer games, time with family and friends.  I hit up a Lady Gaga show, ate at my favorite spots in Boston and ate great lobster. 
  • I celebrated the 4th of July with 5 days in San Diego.  I got crushed in the waves, got a little too much sun and enjoyed some well deserved rest time alongside my husband.  I saw old friends, and enjoyed the small town of Encinitas.  
  • An overnight in Calistoga?  Feels a million miles away and is just a short drive to the warmth of Napa Valley. 
  • Opportunity to really have the time to rediscover twitter chats and my professional relationships on twitter.  It has been a god sent.  Time to interact, not just retweet, and favorite.  I read articles, bookmark sites and gather resources that will help me be a better teacher, coach and collaborator next year.
  • #whatisschool has enhanced my summer.  Who knew?
  • Online learning has been my friend. I have challenged myself to participate in webinars and other tech adventures.

And while perhaps a part of me is sad that I am not traveling the world as I have for so many summers in a row I know that being on my own watch, being in my hammock, and getting in a lot of rest and relaxation is exactly what "Summer of Me" is about.  


I have to admit, I am cheating.  I am on the plane to DC about to embark on a 2 ½ day professional adventure that I am stoked about.  Nais Teacher of the Future cohort 2014-2015…. Let’s Rock this!