I Kiva Because...

Challenged the other day to think about why I Kiva , I decided to ask the boys to answer the question before I came up with my own response.  


Verb  to give micro loans for as little as $25 to individuals all over the world that are unable to get loans through traditional banking systems.  

So Here we go...

I kiva because it helps people in need. Also, I kiva because anyone can get way more successful from just one small loan.- Frederick

I kiva because it feels good to see people achieve their goals. -Robbie

I kiva because I love to make people happy. -Sam

I kiva because I want to make a difference.-Nicolas

I kiva because I know that when I kiva I am changing someone's life with as little as $25. I also kiva because I want to help people in need. -Isaad

I kiva because i think people should have a good life too.  -Jorge

 I Kiva because I realize that people work just as hard as us and receive the opportunities that we get divided by 100. All they need is money, and in the real world, money represents opportunities. I feel that their work should pay off.- Noah

I kiva so that less fortunate people get a chance to succeed.- Will K

I Kiva because I know I can help people for so little.- Reid

I kiva because not all people are better off and simply require a boost to get going. -Nicholas

I Kiva because I want to give people a chance in a new career and help them succeed in life. -McCarthy

I Kiva because a little chunk of my money can change a person's life who is not as fortunate as us. - William

I Kiva because I believe in education and shelter for all. -Ben H

I Kiva because there are people out there who just need $100 or $200 dollars, and I can help them. - Davis

I kiva because I know it helps someone in need who maybe in poverty. -Ryan

I Kiva because every time I make a loan, it helps someone in need. -Adam

I kiva because it helps make the world a better place one loan at a time. - Spencer

Why do I Kiva in the classroom?  I Kiva with my students because of the impact that it makes on not only the borrowers, but the young global citizens in my classroom.