How Can We Learn About the World Through Math Story Problems?

As I look forward into May, I am hoping to launch another project that has both local and global products.  The project, Discovering our World, (needs new name) will include writing math story problems that will help my students learn about the city of San Francisco and hopefully other places around the world.  This will be a 5th grade project.  

My example question:  

The Golden Gate Bridge is approximately 3 miles long. If you walk at a rate of 3.7 miles per hour, how long will it take to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and back?  Please place your answer in minutes.  You may need to use the formula Distance = Rate x Time. 

Fact about the Bridge:  The Golden Gate Bridge is in San Francisco, CA.  The first passenger car was allowed on the bridge May 28, 1937.   


My idea is to use an app/e-book of some kind and share these word problems with other schools around the country/world.  I think it would be interesting for the students to learn about new places while also practicing math facts.  Landmarks? Sports? Weather? Gps location/coordinate planes?  Real costs of products such as gas, cell phone bills, food?  

The opportunity to learn about new places through these real life story problems are endless.  Join me?  Please contact me through twitter or at