Wor(l)d Problems Live from South Africa

The 5th graders from Town School for Boys waited patiently to learn more about where our word problems have travelled and who has been completing them.  It was an exciting day when Ms Karen Kirsch Page visited our classroom with pictures from South Africa.  Our friend, Mr Amani, invited Karen into the classroom to share the problems and to assist the middle school students from Langa Township to complete them.  As Karen shared her story our boys listened intently.  Karen allowed the boys to notice and wonder from the many images she collected from her math lesson and told the boys about education at Moshesh primary school.  

With a huge smile on his face Thomas exclaimed, "Wow, they are completing my word problem on the board!" as he watched video of a teacher explaining the process. The boys were excited to see the students completing their problems and to hear that Mr Amani, who rarely has an opportunity to work through projects, asked for multiple copies of our "Book" to use for years to come.  As we wait for the next round of word problems to come from Langa Township, we embrace our new local partner, Wheeler School, and the problems they sent from Rhode Island.  

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