A Letter to Belmont Day

Dear Ms Grossman and Belmont Day School,

We want to thank you for taking the time and energy to work with us on a mystery math skype call.  It was a great opportunity for us to review our measures of central tendency and create a fun poster/double line graph that showed our March weather.  We love sharing and getting to know others.  

While debriefing our day we came up with a few "I wonders" about not just the call itself but about Belmont Day School and some of the individual interests of the 5th graders.  We thought we would share in case you had some time to write us back. 

I wonder...

Do you have to bring/make your own lunch? Or does school provide it?

Do you switch from class to class or is Ms Grossman your only teacher?

What does your school look like?  (We'd send a picture of ours but it's a mess as it's undergoing major reconstruction).

When it snows do you still get outside recess?  

What kind of school breaks do you  have? 

Do the kids of Belmont Day School like to ski?

What sports do you play at school?

How many kids at Belmont Day School?

Were you scared during the Boston Marathon last year?

Will we get to skype with Belmont again, how about other schools? 


Ms Goggin & 5th Grade Core Math Class

photo 8.JPG