Wool, Copper, Desk Sets? #7yearanniversary #kiva

Does anyone else use Shutterfly? While I must admit I am not as good as I used to be about uploading photos (larger phone storage will do that), I love when they send me a reminder email about what happened (Blank) years ago.


Sifting through my hotmail account today (gasp-going through the multiple emails and needing to use unroll.me quick) I was welcomed by an email from Shutterfly that said, “7 Years Ago Today”. When I opened that email I certainly thought, “where does the time go?”. Those boys are in college! I am at a new school! 7 years…. Wow!

IMG_7330 (1).jpg

The images are filled with smiles and products and I began to recall the hard work, empathy, perseverance, and life lessons from not only that inaugural class but from the 6 years I worked on what became known at Town School as “The Kiva Project”. And thus I took a little walk down memory lane and reflecting on the project in the two sites below.

But most importantly it left me with a bit of a buzz for doing MORE. Last year I was a little quiet for a few obvious reasons but let’s just say, I’m ready to do some meaningful work here so check back soon and Enjoy!



PS Perhaps instead of copper, wool and desk sets I will pick up a new pair of shutter shades, a pin for peace, custom sticker. Or make a kiva loan!