"Here, have a dollar... (or $25)

In fact, no brotherman here, have two. Two dollars means a snack for me. But it means a big deal to you” - Mr Wendell, Arrested Development

I promised I would write more so here goes…

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at CSB as we investigate the concept of Financial Dignity. While last year’s project was one that focussed on minimum wage and it’s relationship to a dignified wage this year we moved into an exploration of living wages in San Francisco for different demographics. We explored the relationship to a life of dignity utilizing financial models that include savings, essentials and personal use. The boys began to think about essential needs vs personal use and we had good discussions about things that we view as societal needs at this point too.

While learning about percents, the boys looked at a range of global statistics as they started to gain an understanding of marginalized communities and people and how wages effect them. All of this as a precursor to learning about credit, the banking system and eventually micro finance and Kiva.org.

The boys have many questions about Kiva at this stage of the game but I am excited to see how they move forward with their lending. Today, I am excited to field questions about Kiva and see where their beliefs behind lending stand. Stay tuned, infographics to support their beliefs will be rolling in next week as they make their first loans.

PS who doesn’t like Mr Wendell? My new fave connection to Kiva.org in that opening line.