Another Day... Another Launch...Reflecting and Looking forward...

Today starts the first day of the rest of the year (or not)... fingers crossed.  I recall the initial launch last year and the comment I made to Rae was, "This may get bigger then I can handle". She assured me that it would all work out.  And it did.  Here's hoping to a fabulous year 2 with Micro Financing!

The weather in San Francisco today is foggy, wet and cold.  A great day for the boys to curl up in a bean bag and let me read a story to them.  Book of Choice? On Hen by Katie Smith Milway.  

The story One Hen is about a boy named Kojo from Ghana.  It is a childrens book that introduces the concept of micro financing. One Hen has a wonderful website that has lesson plans for all ages. Check it out!  

We talk so much about empathy, and how to teach it.  And while I felt completely in tune with the story of One Hen last year, this year was different and I didn't even know it until I started turning the pages.  As I told the story of Kojo to my boys, I couldn't stop thinking about the people of Sarapiqui'/Chilamate Costa Rica and my summer experience there.  Kojo could be any one of those children in that classroom at Linda Vista.  The description of the Ghana Village and it's people reminded me so much of long distance "family" and "friends" from this summer.  I kept wanting to pause and tell the boys about Daniel and his peppers and Myra and her cheese.  Or, Myra's husbands dream of horseback riding adventures and Daniels dream of the house on the hill... relaxing while his daughter runs tours after studying Eco-tourism in school.  It reminded me of the sacrifices families take for education and the distances people travel for things that we find around the corner from us.  I recalled my daily walks, evening chats, and the life and stories of the people as I turned each page.  

But, today I stayed on task and talked about Kojo despite the memories flooding in.  The other stories will make their way out in due time.  Want to read about them?  

Finally, I sifted through a ton of resources and came up with a 3 day plan for the launch.  PBL materials state that the launch should spark interest and ignite curiosity.  I am quite positive that the activiities planned will do just that.  At least I hope so!  


Day 1:  Friday, October 19. 

  •     Read One Hen

Day 1: Monday, October 22.

·         Investigation Sheet using Kiva (20 minutes)

·         I used to think, now I think.. (5 minutes) 

·         One Hen Roleplay (35 minutes) Role Play, Instructions

·         One Hen Online Activity

·         Homework: “Status Update”,“Tweet” or Headline onto EDMODO how you are feeling after today's activities. Of course, EARN BEADS!

Day 2:  Wednesday, October 24.

“How Can We Model Micro Financing in Our own Community? 

·         Begin with Chalk Talk


If we were given $25 to loan, what would be important to consider? 

If we were to create business plans, what would be important to elements to consider?

What important elements of a business would be important, what employment roles would individuals need to take on? 

What skills would be important for us to work through this project idea? 

·         Create an OUTLINE. 

Groups- 1) Process of borrower.  2) Process of Lender 3) Process of Field Partner

Share outlines on Edmodo for feedback. 

·         Homework: Feedback on Edmodo and “Status Update” “Tweet” or Headline onto EDMODO and One Hen Challenge... EARN BEADS!


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