Global Project Based Learning-Reflection of the 8 Essentials

As I consider my launch of "How Can We Model Microfinancing in Our Own Community?", I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the 8 Essentials of Project Based Learning and how they applied to last years project.  


Significant Content:
 Collection, Display and Interpretation of Data, Operations with Whole Numbers and Decimals, Variables, Formulas, Graphs, Algebraic Expressions , Number Systems, Algebra Concepts, Rates and Ratios, and Problem Solving Methods.  

21st Century Skills:  All found here: Collaboration, Written Presentation, Oral Presentation, Group Discussions, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving,  Agility and Adaptability,  Initiative, Effective Oral and Written Communication, Accessing and Analyzing Information, Global Education, Empathy, Imagination, and Leadership.

In depth Inquiry:  Students discovered what micro financing was, asked questions about how it works in the world, brainstormed the needs of individuals, and thought about the effects of Micro Financing on people globally.  

Driving Question:  How Can We Model Micro Financing In Our Own Community?

Need to Know:  Began with story of One Hen sharing the concept of Micro Finance at an entry level.  Encouraged greater questions about Micro Financing.  Students learned that Kiva exists in San Francisco and begin to understand that many people globally need loans and that banks are not always an option.  Learned the process of making a loan by investing in a loan early on.  

Voice and Choice:  Students are given time and space to decide how they can model this process.  They decide, after learning about Kiva to set up companies and model kiva in our community.  They develop online profiles, ask for finances to support business goals, and then create ads, websites or blogs, go into classrooms to advertise, as they see fit.  Total choice in how they went about sales, advertisements and marketing.  

Revision and Reflection:  This naturally happened as the project went on for a year.  We included feedback days to begin to understand how we could better our business, held lender meetings and used edmodo for feedback and reflection.  We used Edmodo as a place to share thoughts, concerns and ideas.  

Public Audience:  EVERYWHERE!  Classrooms at school, Kiva Open House at Kiva headquarters, youtube videos about loans presented at Parents Association Meeting and more.   We shared everything we learned as we went.  


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