"Boy" How Much Has Changed...

Over 6 years ago I remember having a phone interview for Town School for Boys.  I clearly remember one of the questions by C.S.  

"So, if I call Cindy at Harker tomorrow and ask her if she thinks you would be interested in working at a school that had a 1 on 1 laptop program her response would be, 'yes'?"

I nearly stumbled on this one. But as I began to laugh at loud, I knew I had the response up my sleeve.  As Harker considered their own one on one program I had been a little vocally hesitant about the logistics of what that would look like at such a large institution.  So in true Kristen form I told CS, "She will say "yes" as long as you until about 9 am to make that call".  Of course, I then explained my hesitations alongside my eagerness to grow as an educator with new teaching strategies and technologies.  

Fast Forward 6 Months...  

1 on 1 laptops were good, fun and enabled me to differeniate easily in the classroom.  They did the trick, and I actually liked them.  Alongside understanding what it was like to teach in an all boys school, I worked on ways to incorporate laptops on a weekly basis.  

Fast Forward 5 Years later... 

Summer of 2011, ipad in hand, I pondered how I could best use this device in my classroom. Math apps were "young", online manipulatives needed flash, Numbers felt tricky, and I initially worried.  I realized early on that it was time to think outside the box.  That ipads would enable me to do more interesting projects and communicate better with my students.  Now that I have two classes working with ipads it's getting easier.  And, more importantly it's getting more fun!  

Insert PBL here...

"As advertising excecutives for Goggin Advertising, how can you create an advertisement that will persuade existing and potential lenders to lend to your geographic area?"  

Requirements included the use of statistics and a bar, circle and line graph.   They did a great job!  

Well done BOYS... Boy have things changed around here:)  

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