Kiva Council Kills It as Field Partners!

The development of the Kiva Council came at the end of last year when the boys asked, how can we extend this program into 7th grade?  The initial enthusiasm of working together at lunch to reinvest our funds took a world of it's own fairly quickly.  

Every two weeks, the boys decided to meet together to discuss reinvestment.  Approximately 9 boys committed to being part of our Kiva Council and have given up their lunch time in the name of Kiva. With all of the enthusiasm and hype, it soon became apparent that the boys could do more than just reloan their funds.  

While brainstorming with the current 6th graders on the driving question, "How Can We Model Micro Financing in Our Own Community?"  the boys came up with the idea that the Kiva Council could act as their field partners.  They could advise them through their process and support their company. Brilliant!  Kiva Council member can give better advice on a middle school business project than I can, that is for sure.  They are peers and consumers!  They know what works and what doesn't because they have been in those same shoes. Empathy.  Collaboration.  Leadership. Authentic!   

Yesterday, Kiva Council met to discuss our funds and I was prepared to let them know they had potential borrowers that needed their advice and I was prepared to let them know that they would likely be contacted in the coming day.  All of a sudden, I was not leading this meeting.  The boys ran downstairs, gathered their potential borrowers from the lunch room, and met with them in small groups to advise them on their projects.  23 sixth graders and 8 seventh graders spent lunch together collaborating on business plans, gathering useful information and thinking about their future companies.  

If someone asked me what the highlight of my week was... this my friends, was it!  Kiva Council Kills it at Field Partners.  Well done boys, you make me proud!

Kiva Council: