What's the Plan, Young Man?

When I thought about the second launch of this program over the summer, I was nervous.   I asked myself, "Could the same energy exist during year two as it did in year one?"  I continued to wonder as I consulted with others, and in the end realized that it was an opportunity to be less "off the hip" and more "in the know".  I realized that I could be more deliberate in my decisions and I could use more creativity in my lessons. I could anticipate more of what was to come and while these boys could never be my first group of entrepreneuars, they could make the rides as exciting.  

With the help of Kiva Council, I created a business plan worksheet that would help the boys think through important 


questions.  The plan made them thing through ideas, collaborate with eachother and come to decisions that would likely enable them to be successful in the months to come.   

What I couldn't anticipate?  Take a look at these plans!

Bouncy Balls:


Town Spirit:

Watch Pens:


Town Style:

Slap Bands