Let the games begin...EDUCATE OTHERS... reaching the public audience.

Focus:  Essential Element of Project Based Learning-Public Audience

One of the essential elements of PBL is finding an appropriate public audience to share your project with.  I have encouraged the boys to contact our entire community to share their experiences from the last few months and we spent the last two weeks gathering clips and filming. Take a minute, or 7 1/2, to watch it here.  

In addition, the boys are busy making appointments to visit the lower school classrooms. The goal is to share their knowledge of micro finacing, belief and understanding of the mission of Kiva.org and to promote sales.  I had the opportunity to witness two of my boys speak to the 4th graders this week and I was amazed by their knowledge, communication skills, knowledge and poise.  The 4th grade teacher asked me how I had prepped them, and I informed her I hadn't.  AMAZING is the only word to desribe it.  They ROCKED!

Upcoming Events:  

We are heading to Kiva.org in 10 days to learn more about the organization and tour the office.  We are stoked to learn about what goes on behind the scenes and to meet the dedicated employees.  Maybe even more exciting is that they want to hear what WE are up to! They are excited to view our video and ask questions of us.  

Watching the Boys Transform and Grow I Have Witnessed the Following:  

September:  6th Grader

October: Business Partner

January: Educator

Rising to as we speak: Global Citizen


Business Development/Reports:  

The groups have moved on to round two of purchasing and sales.  Some groups have upgraded products, others have shifted and changed styles.  But all in all, each group has made progress as they learn to balance opinions, feelings, and frustrations all in the name of making money to loan to others around the world.  Many of the groups have paid back 50% of their loans at this point and they 4 of the 6 groups have successfully made loans through Kiva.Org.  Feel free to check out their blogs here.  

We welcome Augustin (Phillipines), Teddy (Uganda), Sumini (Uganda) and Sikuzani (Kenya) to our community.  We wish you the best of luck with your business plans!  Check out all of Town School's loans here.  


Portfolio Stats as of January 30th

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