Goodbye to 2012 and Hello to 2013

The boys finished the year strong.  The garage was CRAZY with sales and the 5th graders continued to work on commercials for local non profit organizations that appealed to them after learning a little about poverty in our country.  I finished the year grateful for the students I work with, the colleagues who support me day in and day out and a school that appreciates and encourages project based learning.

6th Grade

In summary, the 6th grade boys sold almost every product they had.  While we have 4 frisbees and 1 rally rag still awaiting a home, we are sure they will go quickly when sales resume during "round 2".   The sale of these goods will eventually be used to loan to people all over the world on  Each group is currently considering buying more product and expanding their business so the impact will be larger in the months to come.  

The Facts:  

6th grade boys brought in $747 from Sales.

By "paying" for advertising and operating costs here at school, we have secured $28.44 as a donation to kiva's operating cost.  

All in all if we closed up shop today that would give us $385.56 to lend to people all over the world.  

5th Grade

At the end of 2012 I wrote about the 5th graders journey through minimum wage and poverty. While we are still awaiting a petition, and some of the commercials, I am pleased to share the following commercials created by some of our Town School 5th graders.  They discovered local non profits that help children and families struggling to make ends meet and created wonderful commercials.  After a week or two of more traditional math, we will revisit our thoughts on these non profits and try and think of ways which we can contribute to the greater good of our community.  Enjoy!

Food Runners

SF Food Bank

Project Night Night

Glide Memorial Church