The Holiday Season Isn't The Only Reason To Rush To The Mailbox-Products Arriving

It's been an exciting few weeks.  While I haven't been blogging about 6th grade Micro Lending, a lot of great things have been occuring in the garage during 6th grade classes. Most exciting is the arrival of product and this week's upcoming sales.  Kiva Market will be open and their is a buzz in the air.  I was excited to overhear a 7th grade Field Partner say, "buy a bouncy ball-I am their field partner".  The two grade levels coming together continues to amaze me.  

So, what's next? The boys are busy tying up lose ends.  They have created and updated operating spreadsheets for their finances,  put together lender portfolios, made and hung advertisements, created and updated blogs and sent thank you notes to their lenders. Things are moving and I am excited to see them handle the cash, work on customer service skills and stay up to date.  While only 4 out of 6 products are here the garage will be open for business in just 12 hours.  I can't wait.  

As the boys prepare to sell product, the consider what products they might buy themselves.  I think that the only thing they are bummed about in terms of the project is the $5 limit I have placed on purchasing.  We can't buy all of our items, that would be too easy:)  Being a borrower isn't always easy.  

Watch the excitement as product arrives here!  

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